Nick "Nistka" Scalisi first started making clothing in Calfornia in 1991.

His first collection found a niche market with stores mostly located in the coastal areas of North America and Japan. His audience were people interested in the unusual and the quirky. Whether it had to do with unique print designs or certain reinventions of proportions when it came to silhouettes.

After running the gamut of the fashion hemisphere that took him from New York Fashion catwalks to the worldwide distribution of his Cheap Thrill label, to his Tulipani brand which he created while residing in Australia; he suddenly went underground, dedicating his time to creating artwork and to his writing.

His particular sensibility with prints is well known to people that still collect and trade some of his 'vintage' apparel all over the net.

This is the first time in 6 years that his prints are shown on apparel and accessories.